Polish government investigating whether Tinky Winky is gay (not joking)

It’s time the European Union started getting tough with Eastern European governments that aren’t ready for prime time. If they want to rejoin the civilized world, they should start acting like it. This is just embarrassing for Poland, and it’s sad that the country hasn’t learned from its experiences with the Nazis or the Soviets; the dehumanization of your citizens is a bad thing. It’s also a harbinger of the problems European integration faces when some of those wanting to integrate don’t live in the same century as the rest of us. Will the EU water down its commitment to civil rights and human rights to appease the lowest common denominator of hate and backwardness in its midst? If Poland isn’t ready and willing to join the modern era, it shouldn’t be permitted to.

PS It’s nice to see that the hate and bile of now-dead bigot Jerry Falwell lives on. And actually, I’ll bet that the Poles learned the news of Tinky Winky’s homosexuality from the increasing evangelizing religious right extremists are doing in the former Eastern bloc. These countries have no idea who they’re dealing with, and thus accept the religious right’s hate wrapped in God at carte blanche. Well, it’s now biting them in the ass.

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