McCain telling supporters to spam conservative blogs

Wow. CNN’s Jackie Schechner just reported that John McCain’s presidential campaign Web site is urging supporters to spam conservative blogs tonight with pro-McCain comments in order to make it look like McCain won the debate. This, from McCain’s site:

Make your voice heard on other blogs. Click here for our blog roll and visit other blogs before, during and after the debate to make your voice heard and talking up your support of John McCain. Many of these site will be querying their audiences about who won the debate – help us promote John McCain.

Only problem? Few top conservative blogs accept comments from readers – most of the top liberal blogs do accept such comments.

I’m not sure if this is smart, or too smart by half, of McCain. If it were my blog, I’d be ticked that some candidate was telling his minions to flood us with astro-turf (i.e., concocted) support for a certain candidate. Having said that, it’s not a dumb idea to have your supporters talking you up. But still, something feels fake about McCain’s appeal. Curious what others think.

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