John Edwards launches new campaign to the end the war

Edwards launched a new Web site today, Edwards is proposing that this Memorial Day, we take back patriotism. I like it. And his video appeal is well done too. I’m on a conference call with a number of Edwards supporters at the moment, and we’ll be doing a smaller conference call with a few bloggers and Edwards in a few minutes.

As an aside, Edwards is the only major presidential candidate – meaning, versus Hillary and Obama – who has consistently reached out to our blog. I’ve defended all three candidates, from time to time, on TV and online. For example, on CNN’s Paula Zahn show earlier this week, I defended Hillary against the attacks of a Republican operative who loathed her and a Democrat who felt Hillary wasn’t doing enough. Didn’t hear a peep from her campaign afterwards. Nor did I hear a peep the previous time I defended Mrs. Clinton on CNN against some rather vicious and demeaning attacks by two GOP operatives. The Edwards campaign, however, routinely thanks us when we help them. (I’d also note that Edwards is the only major candidate to do a blogger conference call, that I know of. We’ve been trying to talk to candidate Hillary for a year now. Nothing. Oh yeah, Edwards also didn’t demand to know our questions for him in advance, unlike one candidate who won’t be named.)

It’s not about ego and the need to be thanked. It’s about not being treated like somehow they’re doing us a favor by letting us defend them.


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