In Maine, it’s official. Tom Allen is running for Senate against Susan Collins

Congressman Tom Allen just filed the paperwork today to run for the U.S. Senate seat held by Susan Collins. He’s going to do an official announcement tour around Maine later this month. Tom will be Maine’s next Senator.

The Allen campaign just launched its website today too.

In 1996, when Susan Collins first ran for Senate, she promised the people of Maine that she’d only serve two times. In typical GOP fashion, she lied. She’s going to run for a third term. But, she won’t get it.

This is going to be one of the premiere races in 2008. Susan Collins has staunchly stood by George Bush every day, especially on his war in Iraq, for which she voted in 2002. Last year, she campaigned for Rick Santorum. She cast the deciding vote to bring Trent Lott back in to GOP Senate leadership. And, all anyone needs to know about the pro-Iraq war record of Susan Collins is that pro-Iraq war Joe Lieberman supports her. She’s already endorsed pro-Iraq war John McCain for President. That’s the company she keeps.

Tom can — and will win. Maine is a blue state. Tom has represented the first Congressional District, which includes Greater Portland, since 1996. He’s a proven vote getter. In the 2006 election, Tom got 60% of the vote without running one t.v. ad meanwhile, the Democratic Governor was re-elected with only 38% of the vote in a four-way race. Approximately 72% of the media market in Maine comes out of the Portland-Auburn stations, which comprise the southern part of the state. A good chunk of voters in the Second District, including the very blue city of Waterville (hometown of the venerated George J. Mitchell) was in Tom’s District until the last re-districting (in 2002). Collins best election was in 2002 — the best GOP year ever, and she got just 58%.

A lot has changed since 2002, but not Susan’s loyalty to Bush and the GOP. She voted for the war in 2002 and continues to support Bush’s failed agenda. She can’t escape that. Tom opposed the Iraq war from the beginning. He voted against the war in 2002.

Keep in mind that Susan chaired the Senate’s Government Affairs and Homeland Security Committee in the last Congress. So all that government oversight that wasn’t done on Iraq and Katrina, wasn’t done by Collins.

This race is going to be intense. The GOP will do everything and anything to keep Collins in office. A win by Allen will increase the Democratic majority in the Senate — and make Joe Lieberman less of a factor.

We’ll be setting up an ActBlue page for Tom Allen. In the meantime, check out Tom’s website and make a contribution if you can. Everything helps.

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