Giuliani says Democrats believe America deserved 9/11

Oh yes he did. Right after the debate, he said it on FOX News, talking about his angry response to Ron Paul blaming America for 9/11. From Hotline:

It reminded me of the Saudi prince that gave me the $10 million. He did the same thing: “This is America at fault, the way America has outreach to the world.”… I usually hear this on the Democratic side. Don’t usually hear it on the Republican side.

Really, Rudy? You usually hear Democrats saying 9/11 was our fault? Well, sure, I mean it was Bush’s fault – you know, that old memo entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike In US” – but that’s not what you meant. You meant on a more visceral basic level that Ron Paul was saying that America deserved what it got on September 11. And you think you “usually” hear this from Democrats. What Democrats have you heard saying that we deserved September 11? That we’re to blame for September 11? The only person I know who said that is your Republican buddy Jerry Falwell, and oh yeah, religious right extremist Fred Phelps (the guy who pickets American soldiers’ funerals).

So tell us, Rudy, which Democrats “usually” blame America for September 11? Or is this yet another lie that you’ll flip-flop on by the next debate?

TPM Election Central has more.

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