Bush suddenly worried that immigration debate might be getting a bit bigoted

Gee, you think? It’s not like the immigration debate hasn’t played out along the typical GOP game plan – if you don’t have anything to rally the base, pick on a minority and make them a threat to all of western civilization. The Republicans have already worked their way through blacks, women, Jews, gays, then Muslims, and now Latinos. Perhaps Bush is getting concerned that the bigotry-well is starting to run a little dry – after all, to twist the words of Martin Niemöller, once you’ve demonized everyone, there’s no one left to demonize. More from Froomkin at WashingtonPost.com:

President Bush said yesterday he fears that the backlash against immigration being incited by opponents of his legalization proposal could result in the nation losing its soul.

His comments came in an intense interview aboard Air Force One with McClatchy Newspapers. “I’m deeply concerned about America losing its soul,” Bush said. “Immigration has been the lifeblood of a lot of our country’s history.” He added: “If we don’t solve the problem it’s going to affect America. It will affect our economy and it will affect our soul.”

Oh, honey, we already lost our soul somewhere between the invasion of Iraq and rescinding habeas corpus.

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