Bush: Next President shouldn’t ignore terror like I did

Here’s what Bush told Reuters:

“If the people who say we’re not having any war on terror ever gets elected, they’ll sit in the office, the Oval Office, and realize we are in a war on terror. They’ll realize there are people that are out plotting and planning. They’ll see the complexities of taking on this enemy,” he said.

It took Bush nine months and a major terrorist attack to realize we were in a war on terror. Because up to that point, he ignored the terror issue. He was advised of the looming threats as in the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing that warned “bin ladin determined to strike in U.S.” Bush’s response was to stay on vacation.

This statement is also an acknowledgment by Bush that he’s failed us in the war against terror. As Bob Geiger notes every week, the terrorist who attacked the U.S. is still on the loose.

Bush’s war in Iraq also exacerbated the war on terror as the nation’s intelligence agencies reminded us last year.

Great advice coming from a President who has been a complete failure. Bush and Rove like to play the terror card for political reasons. But when it comes to policy, they’ve undermined America.

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