Associated Press smears House Dems

Why is it that these “mistakes” always end up smearing our side?

From AP:

The turnabout in Bush’s position came as Republicans expressed anxieties about the war and the House was expected to pass legislation that would cut off funding for U.S. troops as early as July.

No, the legislation doesn’t cut off funding for anything, let alone cutting funding “for U.S. troops.” That’s cute, and incredibly charged partisan language to be using for an independent news service, but it’s absolutely factually wrong.

The legislation funds $42.8 billion (to July) and says in order to release the additional 52.8 billion that the president must submit to Congress reports on the progress the Iraqi government has made in meeting certain benchmarks and goals (by July 13) and that within 7 legislative days the Congress must vote on releasing the fenced off funds. There will be 2 votes – an amendment that would require the Department of Defense to use the fenced funds to redeploy troops from Iraq, and a vote on releasing the funds to the Pentagon.

It’s all very complicated and I understand that it’s easier to just make stuff up.

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