Confirmed: “Macaque” (aka “macaca”) is a French slur for black people, George Allen’s mom was French

I’m in France at the moment, and just confirmed with French friends that “Macaque” (the French version of the word “Macaca”) is a word that French soccer fans have used in the past as a slur against black players (often of North African descent) on opposing teams, they’d yell it at the opposing players. George Allen’s mother was a French-speaking French citizen who lived in North Africa. You do the math.

And now George Allen is giving the standard non-apology apology. He’s sorry if the other guy was offended

No, Senator Allen. The proper response is “I’m sorry,” period. Or even better, “I’m sorry I called you the French word for ‘nigger.'”

Worse yet, Allen didn’t even bother apologizing to the guy he slurred. He gave his apology to a reporter. Classy.

Not surprisingly, the Washington Post hasn’t caught up to the fact yet that the word Allen used is a variation on a French racial slur.

More from SusanG at DKos.

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