So Washington Post blogger does or doesn’t think Coretta Scott King is a commie?

From today’s Washington Post:

“I regret using the term because I think it’s been way overblown,” Domenech said. But he said King worked with organizations affiliated with communists in the 1950s and 1960s.

That’s neither a retraction nor an apology. He’s simply saying he regrets that his comments have been incorrectly used by liberals to stoke outrage that isn’t merited, and then he reiterates the charge.

Like I said. The Washington Post felt the need to have an authentic anti-African-American voice on staff.

And one more thing, the Post blogger is also a liar. He had this to say in his defense about why he called Coretta Scott King a communist on the day of her funeral.

Some people have taken issue with an old two-line comment of mine on where I referred to Coretta Scott King as a Communist on the day after her funeral.

And old comment? He called Coretta a communist on February 7, 2006 – that would be six weeks ago.

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