Body Armor Update: Just mailed off a check for $5400

I just mailed a check for $5400 to 1st Lt. William “Eddie” Rebrook IV in West Virginia. That’s the total amount of money you guys donated over 2 hours yesterday (see my previous posts on this topic here and here).

According to the latest from Editor & Publisher, Rebrook has said he’s going to donate the money to the mother of a soldier who saved his life in Iraq – she lost her home in New Orleans to Katrina – and he may also give some to charity. Which is fine with me. First, it’s his money to spend as he likes. But more importantly, the point was and is that the money go to help someone in need – and it’s going to do just that – and at the same time it’s inadvertently helped raise some awareness about the ongoing issue of body armor and the Bush administration’s (and Republican Congress’) callous treatment of our service members. All of that is a good thing.

So, again, good job all.

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