MSNBC doesn’t want you to know that Osama sounds like Mehlman “only less gay”

Finally someone nailed Bin Laden’s real alter ego, via Crooks and Liars. Air America’s Rachel Maddow revealed it during an interview with Tucker Carlson:

This is a global war on terror. This is a war for you or for us to win. You need patience…He sounds like Ken Mehlman when he’s saying that only less gay. I mean this is ridiculous.

Now, you won’t find that on the MSNBC transcript anymore. They “scrubbed” it…can’t ever “dis” the GOPers on MSNBC…and god forbid anyone think Ken is a homo:

MADDOW: He sounds like Ken Mehlman when he‘s saying that. This is ridiculous.

CARLSON: I‘m going to blow by that comment. But I will say—you…

So, it’s okay to say that Bin Laden sounds like Michael Moore and John Kerry, but it’s not okay to say he sounds less gay than Mehlman.

The new news standard at NBC is that just because you say something on an NBC, doesn’t mean you really said it. Remember, they scrubbed Andrea Mitchell’s reference to Amanpour.

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