Why does NBC’s Matt Lauer not even blink when Ann Coulter defends the internment of Japanese Americans?

As a follow up to Joe’s post below, during her interview with Matt Lauer, Ann Coulter mentioned the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII to DEFEND Bush’s illegal spying on American citizens. Now you’d think Lauer might have done a double-take when his guest appeared to be condoning the internment of innocent American citizens simply based on their race, and USING that racist un-American internment to justify Bush’s actions today (who else you planning to intern Ann?). You’d be wrong. Matt just giggled along with his softball interview of a woman who is so extreme she shouldn’t even be on a warm and fuzzy morning show.

It’s nice to know that the mass internment of entire classes of American citizens for no reason doesn’t even raise an eyebrow at NBC. Pitiful.

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