Dan Savage’s weekly column savages Ford

Dan’s column is in big free weeklies across the country. Hopefully Ford will resolve this soon, before the damage is too deep to undo.

As only Dan can write it

Straight Rights Update: After alleged secret meetings with the right-wing American Family Association (AFA), Ford Motor Company agreed to pull its advertising from gay publications and cease sponsoring gay events in order to avoid a threatened boycott. What does this have to do with straight rights? The AFA fucks intimidating Ford on the gay issue are the same fucks intimidating retailers like Target into denying women access to morning-after pills. They’re the same assholes trying to stop the feds from approving a vaccine for two strains of HPV. (The HPV vaccine—already tested and 100 percent effective—could save thousands of women’s lives every year.) When the AFA successfully attacks gay rights, it only emboldens its attacks on straight rights. So gay or straight, the AFA is your enemy.

What can you do? Call Ford dealers in your area and let them know that you won’t be buying a Ford after this. (A list of Ford dealers broken down by state can be found on Americablog: americablog.blogspot.com.) And while you’ve got ’em on the phone, ask them what Ford is so afraid of. The AFA’s boycott of Disney was called off after nine years because it wasn’t working. When the AFA threatened Kraft, the execs at Kraft told the haters from the AFA to go fuck themselves. But what did Ford do when the AFA threatened them? The “Built Ford Tough” boys collapsed into a puddle. “Ford Puff” needs to hear from people who won’t buy cars from companies that cave in to right-wing hatemongers. And when your local Ford dealer tells you that he didn’t make this decision, tell him he had better yell at Ford HQ and get this decision reversed. Microsoft caved to right-wing Christian bullies and then reversed itself. Ford can too.

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