Send flowers & gift baskets to thank Democratic leader & Sen. Harry Reid

Reader Mary just sent me a very nice suggestion. Perhaps some folks out there would like to join me in sending flowers and/or gift boxes to Senator Harry Reid’s office to thank the Senator and his staff for showing some great backbone today in standing up to the nasty old Republicans, and ultimately making them flinch (if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, read the rest of today’s blog entries).

I’m serious about this. It’s a small gesture, but quite a nice one, I think. It’s important to realize that Senator Reid and his staff are real people, and a heartfelt thanks goes a long way towards inspiring more good deeds like the one we witnessed today.

To make this as easy as possible, I searched around online and found the following sites that seem pretty good for sending flowers (I am not personally vouching for these businesses, but at first glance they had decent ratings, typical prices, etc.)

Obviously, if you’re low on cash do NOT worry about this. But for those who can afford it, send something – I am. And please be sure to send the flowers/gift boxes to the following address, below – it’s Senator Reid’s PAC address, it’s right around the corner form his Senate office, and will help us get around the onerous security issues of sending packages to the Senate office building itself:

The Honorable Harry Reid
c/o Friends For Harry Reid
422 C St., NE
Washington, DC 20002

And if you want to mention in your note to the Senator that you’re an AMERICAblog reader, that’s certainly welcome so we can get a sense of how many folks took part in this.

And here are the links to a few online floral shops:

- 800 florals (click around on the buttons in the left hand sidebar to finds lots more flower options – also, the more inexpensive flowers are at the bottom of each page.)
- FTD (you can send food too! I was a staffer, food goes over VERY well). Or call 1-800-SEND-FTD
- – I’m told that if you click the “radio” link button in the upper right hand corner of home page, then type in “Al” (as in Al Franken), you’ll get a free vase with the deliver, and it lets the company know that you listen to Air America and Al Franken.
- And a very nice cookie site, with some stuff in the $20 or so range.

As always, no requirements here. Help out if you can and the spirit moves you :-) JOHN

PS Feel free to use the comments to let us know if you sent something. And if you prefer, freel free to make a donation to Senator Reid’s PAC here.

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