By the time they came for me, they was no one left to defend me…

Oh, isn’t it grand when the Bush White House is being destroyed by the very forces of evil it once helped create and foster? Look at who’s leading the charge against Harriet Miers (or at least leading the charge in sowing doubt about her nomination):

– Ann Coulter
– Manuel Miranda (you’ll remember him as the former Senate Republican staffer who had to quit after going into Democratic computer files and taking, and leaking, their internal memos on judicial nominations)
– Gary Bauer, with an assist from the men at the Concerned Women for America
– David Frum (the guy who coined “Axis of Evil”)
– The American Conservative Union
– Rush Limbaugh
– The National Review

And on and on and on.

All those conservative mouth-pieces who have driven us nuts over the years, including people who should probably be spending time in jail, have now started eating their own. Kind of like those people in New York City who get lion cubs as pets and then, once they grow up, the cub mauls them.

Sad. But it serves them right.

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