Americablog: The Big Hits Of The Week For Aug 27 – Sept. 2

Here’s a rundown of the most popular postings of the week up to Friday — the ones that drew the most traffic and inspired the most comments. If you love Americablog, you probably already send your friends the links to some of your favorite posts. Why not send a link to this weekly roundup to let them know the incisive, biting and fresh commentary and information available on Americablog 24/7?

Naturally, this week was dominated by Hurricane Katrina, the worst natural disaster in US history. Traffic was so high, and the postings were coming so fast and furious, it’s impossible to capture the many, many highlights. But here are some of the absolute peaks. Thanks for providing your commentary, your feedback, your thoughts and your links to stories we might have missed. You make Americablog the effective, supportive and growing community that it is.


Before the extent of the storm was clear, some other news popped up, including Michael in New York’s revelation that “America’s Taliban Is Here,” a story about the far right Christians who want to literally take over South Carolina and form a theocracy.

Soon, the storm struck.

John in DC jumped on Bush’s seeming indifference to this unfolding disaster with “While New Orleans wakes up to Biblical proportions disaster, Bush is bopping off to AZ and CA on Monday to push his Medicare drug plan.”

Astonishingly, Bush would continue to ignore the obvious tragedy for days — something the MSM proved afraid to speak up on but one that Americablog pointed out again and again and again.

Bush’s only concern has been for the oil industry as mocked by Joe in DC with “Bush might tap strategic petroleum reserve to help oil industry.”

Some tried to use the focus on Hurricane Katrina to get away with murder, but Joe in DC blasted the devious ways of the governor of Kentucky with “Corrupt, Arrogant and Just Plain Idiotic.”


Now the devastation is becoming clear, the waters are stil rising and the indifference of Bush continues to astonish.

Rob in Baltimore — back with a vengeance — leads the assault with “People Are Dying President Bush — Have You Sent Enough Troops?”

John in DC wrote an open letter to Bush about the need to wake up to his responsibilities with “Mr. President, Come Home.”

Michael in New York urged everyone to their local media outlets voicing the concerns they had and read on Americablog about Bush’s lackadaisical manner in “Bush’s Response To Horrific Disaster: Indifference. How Will You Respond To Bush?”

John in DC spots the criticism of Bush leaking into the MSM with “CNN Says Bush Should Stop Vacationing And Get To Work.”

Rob in Baltimore plugs into a terrific local source of info in LA with “WWL: Mayor Reports Massive Communications Failure Will Flood City.”

John in DC’s disgust was manifest with “Bush spending one final night of vacation in Crawford tonight while people are dying in New Orleans and across the South.”

And perhaps the posting of the week in my mind was Rob in Baltimore’s brilliant juxtaposition of news photos showing the disaster in the South alongside Bush goofing around with a guitar in California the very same day. Brilliant. Send “How Out Of Touch Is Bush On This Disaster?” to everyone.


The incompetence of the Republicans is matched only by the inability of the Dems to step up and take action (or at least umbrage) when Bush behaves like a fool. John in DC captured the frustration of many with “Where The Hell Is The Democratic Party?”

An open thread (normally off limits under Americablog’s stringent “Hits of the Week” bylaws) was paired with some welcome good news: “Bush Polling At An All-Time Low.”

John in DC had more on Bush’s fiddling while Rome burned act in “How cute. While people died in New Orleans Bush played a guitar with the presidential seal on it!”

Michael in New York hopefully spotted a trend with “New Storm Warning: Brewing Anger Over Bush’s Indifference To This Disaster.”

John in DC shook his head over “Religious right group, heralded by top religious right leaders, says God destroyed New Orleans because of gays.”

Questions about the lack of preparations arose via“CNN’s Cafferty Raises More Questions,” noted John in DC.

The MSM got more pointed as Rob in Baltimore revealed with “CNN Reporter Blog: Government Overwhelmed.”


Chris in Paris brings up a topic that will explode in the media in the next 48 hours with “Bush’s failure to respond and the race issue.”

Rob in Baltimore sums it up with “Desperately Too Little, Too Late.”

You think you can’t be surprised anymore by the behaviour of Bush and his cronies, but we all were astonished when John in DC broke the news: “BREAKING: Sec. of State Condi Rice caught buying several-thousand-dollar pair of shoes in NYC moments ago; spends last night at Broadway show!”

Joe in DC mocked more tone-deaf politicians with “Rebuilding New Orleans “doesn’t make sense” to Hastert.”

Chris in Paris wondered “Is it possible for Bush to wipe the smile off his face?”

John in DC blasted the blame-the-victim mentality of Bush with “New Bush admin. talking point: New Orleans residents deserved it.”

Michael in New York wondered “Is This Disaster Natural or Man-Made?”

And the media found its voice now that it is staring incompetence and lies in the face. John in DC observed “Paula Zahn is about to kill the head of FEMA”
and “Anderson Cooper rips, rips, rips Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) for being a pro-Bush shill.”

John in DC also highlighted some causes with “Reuters: Agency documents show Bush funding cuts helped cause New Orleans disaster.”


The media got more pointed as Michael in New York noted with “Ted Koppel Rips, Rips, RIPS Michael Brown of FEMA On ‘Nightline.'”

John in DC and Michael in New York were astonished to find out that “Omigod: DICK CHENEY Has Been On Vacation” and wondered “Is Cheney Ill?”

Joe in DC crowed “NY TImes: Bloggers Force Condi Back To Work.”

For good measure, Joe in DC added “The Head of FEMA Is Delusional.”

Michael in New York had fun with telling you “Breaking: Bush To Go On A Helicopter Ride!”

John in DC noted approvingly that “CNN Says Bush Visit To Hurricane Is Nothing But Political Photo-Op.”

Chris in Paris was astonished that the President kept talking about oil instead of people with “Bush In Biloxi.”

John in DC said simply “George Bush Needs To Step Aside” and offered as proof that “CNN’s Cafferty says relief arrival is being timed for Bush arrival.”

John in DC also shook his head when “Lead religious right group promotes theory that God wiped out NOLA on purpose.”

Joe in DC endured garbled syntax in order to tell you “Bush Speaks in NO.”

Michael in New York wonders “Where’s Dick?”

And John in DC sums it all up with a devastating photo and headline combo under “Mission Accomplished.”

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