Americablog: The Big Hits Of The Week For Aug 20-28

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Blogging on the weekends continues to gather steam.

Joe in DC chided Bush for continuing to mislead the American people by linking the invasion of Iraq to 9-11 with his postings “Bush Is In Full Spin-Mode on Iraq — Using 9-11″ and “Newsweek’s CW: Bush Has Gone Overboard On 9-11.”

Bush’s tepid job growth was dissected in “Mild Job Growth! Bush’s Economy Must Be Great, Right?” by Michael in New York.

And Cindy Sheehan continued generating interest even after flying home to be with her ailing mother, as evidenced by “Bush Staff Trashing Cindy” and “Tour De Crawford Misses A Stop” from Joe in DC.


Pat Robertson proved the far right is far from moral by calling for the killing of a democratically elected leader in Venezuela. John (temporarily) in Paris mocked him with the posting “Who Would Jesus Assassinate?”

Joe in DC dissected Bush’s (lack of an) Iraqi plan with “Bush Iraq Strategy = 9/11 x 5 + WWI + WWII.” That gets my vote for cleverest headline of the week.

“‘Peak Oil’ Makes It To The New York Times Magazine,” satisfying Michael in New York and Americablog readers who had been pushing this topic.

“Reuters Nails Bush” according to John (temporarily) in Paris.

And a series of NYT articles on creationism were increasingly disappointing, highlighted by “Still More On The False God Of Intelligent Design” said Michael in New York.


“Bush says that if you disagree with his handling of the war in Iraq, you hate America” reported John (temporarily) in Paris.

Joe in DC played off that posting with “Bush, Rumsfeld and the MSM Hate Most Americans.”

“School Lunches: The Fight Over Fatty Foods” stirred up a food fight thanks to Michael in New York’s item.

“Why Bush Can’t Meet With Cindy Sheehan” ended the day thanks to Michael in New York.


John’s return to DC brought the renewal of the famed “John in DC” tagline and it immediately scored a hit by focusing the spotlight on “The American Legion will take ‘whatever means necessary’ to stop anti-war protestors.”

Michael in New York pointed the way to the obvious hypocrisy of “First Pat Robertson Calls For Assassination; Then He Lies About It.”

Joe in DC kept Sheehan front and center with “Bush Takes On Cindy” and enjoyed “Dowd on W’s ‘twisted logic.'”

And Michael in New York hadn’t forgotten the man who should be getting measured for an ankle bracelet a la Martha, commenting on “RoveGate: Bush’s WaterGate Ready To Blow?”


“Cindy is Back in Crawford” says Joe in DC. And so are the wackos, as John in DC made clear with “Pat Boone Says Cindy Sheehan Is A Pot Smoker.”

Shoving someone else’s religious beliefs down your child’s throat gets more popular, according to “McCain Wants To Teach Fables As Science, Too” and Joe in DC.

And John in DC blasts the MSM with “TIME Magazine Tried To Influence The 2000 Election To Bush’s Favor.”


John in DC introduced Friday dog blogging.

Michael in New York got annoyed by the MSM and vented in “About Pat Robertson.”

Joe in DC hit the MSM again with “Press As Patsies, Redux.”

And Joe in DC (and all of us) rejoiced with Bush’s polling numbers with “How Low Can He Go?”


Rob in Baltimore made a welcome appearance, reporting on the HBO show Real Time With Bill Maher via “Cindy Sheehan Is About To Go Boom.”

Joe in DC crititiqued anti-anti-war protestors with “Because in their America, Bush is the omnipotent and all-knowing one.”

John in DC had fun with the semi-literate comments of a Rush Limbaugh fan in “You Just Can’t Make This Shit Up.”

And John in DC gave the MSM about a hundred different ways to talk politics via Hurrican Katrina with his postings “Will Bush Stay On Vacation While The Hurrican destroys New Orleans?,” “Chickenhawk Watch: Bush Still On Vacation While Deadly Hurrican Approaches New Orleans,” “Hurrican Updates” and climaxing with a post that tied in Terri Schiavo called “New Orleans Mayor Launches Secret Plan To Get Bush To Stop Vacationing And Fly Back To DC To Help On Hurricane.” Dems in DC, here are your talking points. And Daily Show, you’ve got your lead joke for Monday.

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