Comcast blocking all emails with in the text

Very weird. And reportedly, the AfterDowningStreet people have NOT been spamming. Is Comcast taking sides in a political debate, as AfterDowningStreet is all about exposing the Downing Street Memos, and that Bush lied about the war? More from BradBlog and

- Comcast, Executive Offices: 215-665-1700
- Comcast, Abused Department: 856-317-7272 Ext 1 (and leave a message)
- To cancel Comcast Internet Service, call 800-COMCAST or 888-405-9200, press 1 for English, 4 to drop Comcast, and 2 to choose specifcy Internet service (as opposed to cable).
- To contact Comcast and its Officers via Email, click here.;=irol-contacts

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