Why does Laura Bush hate Christmas?

Uh oh. The wingnuts have finally picked up on, as was expected, my and other blog posts of the past day or two noting that the White House has turned its Christmas celebrations into the dreaded “holiday” celebrations. And as WingNutDaily notes, the White House Web site doesn’t even mention Jesus. Imagine! A federal government Web site not talking about Christ our savior. Next thing you know there will be church Web sites failing to mention the Office of Management and Budget. What has America come to?

It has been noted that the Bushes’ holiday card this year includes a Scripture verse. But, again, it does not mention Jesus.

This card has a line from Psalms, 95:2: “Let us come before him with Thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.”

First lady Laura Bush supervises the card selection. She also picked cards with Bible verses when her husband was Texas governor

That bitch.

And then they go on to note how Bush participated in a menorah lighting ceremony and how he issued a Hannukah proclamation. Yeah, and? A little Jew-baiting going on from our friends in the far right? Bush also participated in the White House Christmas tree lighting. So what’s their point in invoking the Jews? And of course, they don’t miss a chance to take a pot shot at blacks either, noting Bush’s Kwanzaa greetings. Again, so? What’s their point? The president of the United States – the ENTIRE United States, thank you – should only recognize Christian holidays?

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