DNC criticizes Mary Cheney’s absence

Kudos to the DNC for picking up on the Mary Cheney debacle and running it with it.

Where’s Mary? Not With Her Family at the GOP Convention

“Mary’s Up There” Mouths Lynne Cheney as Straight Family Joins Dick on Stage

Washington, DC – For the past few years, gay rights groups have been asking, “Where is Mary Cheney?” Not on stage with her family. Last night after her father, Vice President Dick Cheney, concluded his speech to the GOP Convention, he was joined on stage by his wife, his straight daughter, Elizabeth, her husband, and their children. But where was openly-gay daughter Mary? Once on stage, Lynne Cheney offered an answer when she turned to her husband and mouthed “Mary’s up there,” pointing to another side of the arena far away from her family.

“They can hide gay and lesbian family members at their convention, but Bush can’t hide his failed record from the American people,” said Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Terry McAuliffe. “President Bush isn’t content with just dividing the country along political lines, now he’s dividing families, including the family of his vice president. People across the country are fed up with Bush’s discriminatory politics. Together, we will take back the White House for all Americans.”

Last night’s absence was not the only time Mary Cheney has caused controversy during this week’s anti-gay convention. Earlier, Republican Illinois Senate candidate Alan Keyes referred to Mary Cheney as a selfish hedonist, comments that were later echoed by Bush friend and long-time Republican leader Pat Robertson. Mary is also the only child of either President Bush or Vice President Cheney who was not given a speaking role during the convention.

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