New Bombshell Catholic Church Child Abuse Scandal

In a devastating report in today’s “Dallas Morning News,” the paper reveals that the Catholic Church continues to hide priests who have raped little boys. A year-long investigation has revealed devastating, heartbreaking details. In the US, they shuttled these evil, unrepentant men from state to state. This new story — the first in a series of articles — shows the Church has also been moving priests from country to country. Rome has been trying to pretend this crisis is a US phenomenon. This article makes clear the Church’s crimes are worldwide.

One painful highlight is Rev. Frank Klep, who was spirited out of Australia after being convicted of child molestation and is now in the South Pacific, claiming he is rarely around kids and no longer a threat. The reporter watched the priest hand out candy to children after Mass and later spoke to kids waiting on his doorstep. These kids had various stories: one had been picked up by the priest on the side of the road and given a ride, some cash and an offer to do chores around his house. Another kid, 14, said the priest had urged him to bring along his 13 year old friend the priest wanted to meet. And the priest even helped them with their homework –in his private bedroom of course.

People may have “scandal fatigue” about the Catholic Church blithely molesting little kids. They shouldn’t because the abuse continues. The kicker? The head of the order involved in this scandal is one of the leading candidates to become the next Pope.

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