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The terrifying, tolerance-promoting “Beauty and the Beast” (fun video)

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Randy has taken on the controversy over Disney’s new “Beauty and the Beast” having a kinda sorta gay character.

No Supreme Court nominations until the Russia investigation is complete

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Trump ally Devin Nunes says Donald Trump’s administration is now under a “big gray cloud” because of yesterday’s news that the FBI is investigating Trump for ...
Trump fbi

FBI confirms investigation of Trump over Russia

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Big news today. FBI Director James Comey revealed at a hearing on Capitol Hill today that the FBI is investigating Donald Trump and his associates for possible collusion with Russia. ...
Trump Merkel

Boorish Trump alienates Brits and Germans in one day

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Donald Trump managed to damage relations today with two of America’s closest and most important allies, the United Kingdom and Germany. First, came the White House doubling down ...
mick mulvaney

Trump budget director: It’s “compassionate” to cut Meals on Wheels for elderly, vets

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Donald Trump’s budget director Mick Mulvaney defended Trump’s proposed cuts to Meals on Wheels by arguing that such cuts were actually “compassionate” because ...

Trump: The Brits spied on me for Obama

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Just when you thought things could get any worse, the Trump White House today accused the British government of spying on Donald Trump for Barack Obama during the campaign. This new ...

Donald Trump, apologize to Pres. Obama — Add your name

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Contrary to Donald Trump’s over-the-top claims, the Senate Intelligence Committee has just concluded that Trump was not wiretapped by President Obama. As a reporter just said ...

Fox News Poll: Planned Parenthood & Bernie more popular than Trump

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A new Fox News poll shows Bernie Sanders and Planned Parenthood are far more popular than Donald Trump. Sanders has a 61% favorability rating in the Fox poll, Planned Parenthood has ...

Paul Ryan asked if he believes Obama tapped Trump: “No”

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GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked at a press conference this morning if he believed Donald Trump’s explosive accusation, provided without evidence, that President Obama “tapped ...

GOP Intel Chair Nunes: Obama didn’t wiretap Trump

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Republican chair of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes just told reporters that if Donald Trump suggested that President Obama wiretapped him, then Trump is “wrong.” ...
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