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It’s too late to save the GOP

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Former conservative Republican congressman Joe Walsh joins us to talk about whether it’s too late to save the Republican party from Trumpism.

Facebook, ban Trump permanently

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Facebook’s Oversight Board has reached its decision on whether to permanently ban Donald Trump from the platform. They punted. Having said that, I don’t think their decision is ...

Chicago Trib humor columnist Rex Huppke on the GOP yet again jumping the shark

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Chicago Tribune humor columnist Rex Huppke joins us to talk about the growing civil war in the Republican party between Trumpers and the few sane GOPers, like uber-conservative Congresswoman ...

Republicans hate America. Don’t be afraid to say so.

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Trigger Warning: I’m going to write about Trump. But that’s a good thing, because Democrats need to wrap Trump, and what he represents — graft, lies, treason and death — around ...

Democratic Messaging Matters

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Today’s leitmotif is messaging. We start the podcast with Biden’s quasi- State of the Union address last night before a joint session of Congress, and then leading to a ...

Lies, lies, and more Republican Lies

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On today’s show, Cliff and I talk a lot about lies — Republican lies, to be precise. How the GOP is lying about Biden, and how they’re lying about Kamala. We also ...
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