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President Obama speaking to the Illinois General Assembly, screenshot via YouTube

President Obama endorses automatic voter registration in Illinois

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Both Democratic presidential candidates have already backed the policy.
Pope Francis. Philip Chidell /

Vatican training tells bishops they don’t have to report clerical sexual abuse to authorities

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“Don’t help people who molest kids” seems like a simple enough proposition, right?
The Clintons, via stocklight / Shutterstock

The odds that Hillary Clinton wins the nomination on the backs of superdelegates are extremely low

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Whomever wins the most regular delegates will almost certainly win the nomination, for two reasons.
President Obama's last State of the Union, via YouTube

Two cool things buried in President Obama’s budget, which Republicans aren’t even reading

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It would appear that President Obama does, in fact, know what he’s doing.
Hillary Clinton and Benjamin Netanyahu, via Wikimedia Commons

Hillary Clinton’s campaign promises not to call Bernie Sanders a fake Jew (updated)

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This is a bad road for Clinton’s campaign to go down.
Bernie Sanders speaking at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, via John Pemble / Flickr

Candidates widely expected to eventually lose dominate New Hampshire

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Not only that, they beat expectations.
Paul LePage, via Wikimedia Commons

Maine governor LePage confirms that, yes, he did mean black people

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Glad we could clear that up.
Religion and LGBT equality, via Wikimedia Commons

What “religious liberty” bills have in common with voter ID laws

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“Religious freedom” bills are “gay-neutral” the same way that voter ID laws are “race-neutral.”
kasich horse

John Kasich credits God for strong debate performance

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The Iowa caucuses were last week, buddy.
Maryland governor Larry Hogan, via Fort Meade / Flickr

Maryland legislature overrides Governor Hogan’s veto, restores voting rights for 40,000 ex-felons

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Governor Hogan says that the override runs counter to “common sense.”
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