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Obama administration to test Pell Grants for prisoners

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Inmates who participate in educational programs are 43 percent less likely to return to prison.
Global climate change, via Creative Commons

President Obama unveils sweeping emissions reduction plan

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The administration’s rules set greater reduction goals than last year, with additional flexibility.
George Bush addresses the Boy Scouts' National Jamboree in 2005, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s time to revoke the Boy Scouts’ congressional charter

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It can ban non-believers, or it can have government endorsement, but it has to choose.
Mike Huckabee, via Wikimedia Commons

President Huckabee would literally wage war on women who seek abortions

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Because it takes advocating violence against abortion providers to get GOP primary voters’ attention.
Jewish settlers teaching their kids how to use high-powered weapons, via Bird Eye / Flickr

Palestinian toddler dies in “price tag” fire set by Jewish extremists

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This is what happens when religion is strong.
Planned Parenthood, via Fibonacci Blue / Flickr

Republicans threatening to shut down government over doctored Planned Parenthood videos

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Republicans are on a mission to cut federal funding for abortion — funding that doesn’t exist.
Burger and fries via Shutterstock

A $15 minimum wage for fast food workers would raise the price of a Big Mac by 17 cents

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A common argument against raising the minimum wage, debunked.
Jerusalem Pride, via Wikimedia Commons

Repeat offender suspected in ultra-Orthodox stabbing at Jerusalem pride parade

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The suspect was released from prison three weeks ago after serving ten years for a nearly identical attack.
Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt, screenshot via YouTube

Colorado GOP walks back State Rep. Klingenschmitt’s hate speech on Boy Scouts, not on trans military service

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If calling gay men pedophiles is worthy of condemnation, why isn’t calling trans people pedophiles?
Computer via Shutterstock

Which Republican candidates have the smartest, dumbest and most devoted commenters?

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The results may not surprise you.
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